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4 months ago
With marijuana sales set to begin, employers grapple with drug tests - The Boston Globe

Most employers are staying firm concerning marijuana #DrugTesting

Companies that don’t stop screening workers could open themselves up to legal action, or risk losing job candidates.

4 months ago

Life as a 24/7 on-site collector

4 months ago
Don't feast on edible marijuana until you see this

Edible Marijuana #Edibles #DrugTesting

You don't have to deal with smoke, but its easy to overdose if you're not careful.

5 months ago

Congrats to Katie Moyer of Kentucky Hemp Works on her new arrival into this world!

5 months ago

Work hard and smile harder

5 months ago
Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions on LinkedIn: “CNBC | Opioids hit the…

Businesses feeling effects, as Opiod crisis is effecting earnings #DrugTesting

CNBC | Opioids hit the workplace and impact earnings.

5 months ago

Samantha was our May employee of the month! Sam is a loving mom to three kids, Cartel, Michael, and Nadia. During The month, she led the implementation of processes for our collectors and developed ... See more

5 months ago

5 months ago
Inside Colorado's booming black market for marijuana | CBC News

Has legalization created a bigger market for illegal sales #DrugTesting

Four years after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the black market for weed is thriving. It's being driven by criminal organizations that smuggle their crop into states where it's still ... See more

5 months ago
Man Seeking Support For Legalizing Medical Marijuana Arrested On DUI Complaint

Man seeking support for Medical Marijuana #DUI #DrugTesting

A man who Cleveland Police say was working to get support for medical marijuana was arrested Friday evening after officers say they found marijuana in his car.

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