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Will I fail a drug test if I use CBD Oil?

Well…….it depends. It is the cannabinoid THC that is being screened for during drug testing. THC is responsible for creating euphoria and psychoactivity, being the substance found both in marijuana and hemp that can alter the perception and senses of a person that consumed products containing it.

The CBD market is full of different CBD products that can be significantly different in content, from the quality of the product to the actual THC content it contains.  Let’s begin:

1. CBD Oil & Drug Tests: CBD products from isolated

Some of you probably already know it but many of you do not. CBD oil is not equal to CBD oil. What does that mean? You will ask.

This means that there are different types of CBD oil and these types are similar but not the same.

Basically, you can divide it into 2 categories: Full Spectrum and isolated CBD, the so-called pure CBD.

Isolated (pure) CBD is the chemically isolated CBD molecule in the form of a 99.99% pure CBD powder.

This CBD powder contains nothing but CBD without any other plant substances from the hemp/cannabis plant. Isolated CBD products are what they say, meaning they have been isolated from all other canabinoids, including THC.  

2. Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

Fully Extracted CBD Oil is the direct end product of a hemp/cannabis plant extraction that extracts the resin (trichomes) of the plant along with the terpene. The extract contains all ingredients (cannabinoid, terpene, etc.) of the hemp/cannabis strain used.

In order to remain legal in the manufacture and sale of CBD oil, it is preferred to use cannabis strains in which the cannabinoid profile of the plant contains a low proportion of THC. This THC proportion must be below 0.3% to be considered legal hemp.

3. Read the Labels: CBD Products Should Provide Specific Content

Wrongly labeling CBD products with misnomers by manufacturers has become more rampant in recent times. As has already been reported, the CBD oil market is crisscrossed with many bad products.  The labels pictured above tell us full-spectrum, ingredients, how to take, amount, strentgh, website, and amount of THC.

  • CBD products from isolated (pure) CBD contain no other cannabinoids, including THC. Considering its effectiveness, however, it is not as effective as fully extracted CBD oil, which also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. However, if you want to play it safe and want to use the CBD, it can be a very good alternative.
  • CBD from fully extracted CBD extract is more effective as it also contains the other cannabinoids and terpenes. However, the CBD product should come from a cannabis strain that does not exceed the THC value of 0.3%. With non-excessive consumption of such a product, the drug test will usually not return a “positive”.
  • Do not believe the “free from THC” labeling on CBD products, but use a lab report to see for yourself how much THC the product actually contains. If the merchant/manufacturer cannot provide you with one, do not buy it if you have to do drug tests.
  • CBD oils from medical cannabis dispensaries can include a lot of THC. So make sure you know what you are buying and ask your pharmacist

The Verdict:

As we have mentioned, there are many factors at play and must be considered before purchasing your product.  The chances of failing a test, when taking full spectrum of 500mg or less, is highly unlikely, but still possible.  For more information, we can be reached at 270.238.6065, 23N. Green St. Henderson, KY 42420, and

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