The series Suits once made her famous

//The series Suits once made her famous

The series Suits once made her famous

The series Suits once made her famous

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“As all of you in this room know, we have a deep connection with what we wear. Sometimes it’s very personal and sometimes it’s emotional,” Duchess Meghan said in a speech to her wedding dress designer Claire Waight Keller. “That connection is rooted for me in understanding that it’s about supporting and empowering one another, especially as women. When you choose to wear a particular designer, it doesn’t just reflect your creativity and vision Person, but also an extension of their values ​​- a substance that is much more meaningful, so to speak. “, Said Duchess Meghan further.

“I recently read an article that said that fashion culture has developed from a place where it was cool to be cruel to a moment where it is cool to be friendly,” said the pregnant woman Royal next. She also said of Claire Waight Keller, “She’s incredibly kind. When I met her eleven months ago, I knew we’d work very closely together.”

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The reaction of the fashion designer, who not only hugged and hugged Duchess Meghan extensively, but also spoke highly of her, showed that this feeling of affection is based on mutuality. “I got to know Meghan on such a personal level and that someone like her entrusts me with such an incredible moment in life is something that is really the greatest honor,” emphasized Claire Waight Keller. And addressed to her laudator: “I really can’t thank you enough.”

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Duchess Meghan recently visited an organization that cares for sex workers. Spontaneously she wrote a message for women on bananas and started a trend. 

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Photo series with 47 pictures

“You are valuable” and “You are brave,” wrote the 37-year-old on bananas, for example. The fruit was put in food packages by the charity One25 and distributed to sex workers. Duchess Meghan inspired a campaign on Twitter with her spontaneous action. 

The One25 volunteers are now calling on their followers on Twitter to share photos of encouraging banana messages (#banana messaging) themselves. With this, the charity wants to draw attention to the situation of sex workers. The One25 staff were thrilled that Harry and Meghan visited the organization. “We hope more people will choose to support our work,” said the facility’s executive director Anna Smith.

So far, numerous banana pictures with encouraging messages have been received. On the yellow fruit there are messages like: “You are unique” and “You are wonderful”.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan recently visited the charity and, of course, were accompanied by loads of photographers and cameramen. The facility takes care of sex workers and helps them to escape a life marked by violence, poverty and addiction. 

Sources used: dpa news agency Twitter profile of One25

Duchess Meghan has never been seen like this. A childhood friend of the now 37-year-old publishes a photo from the royal lady’s teenage days. 

Duchess Meghan’s development for a royal look

Photo series with 28 pictures

Without a title of nobility, but with a lot of make-up and lush costume – Meghan shines in the picture side by side with her childhood friend Katharine McPhee. The two performed together earlier. 

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doing community service essay

“Meghan and I played in musicals as children,” wrote Katharine McPhee under the picture. “She has now become the Duchess of Sussex and I’m a musical star who’s on stage in the West End – almost the same thing, if you ask me,” jokes the American. 

Message to sex workers: Touching gesture from Duchess Meghan when visiting an aid organization. (Source:

The life of Duchess Meghan 

While the two really lived a similar life in their youth, that has now probably changed. Meghan, who has been married to Prince Harry since May 2018, is expecting her first child and is getting more and more used to life as a royal.

Today the former “Suits” actress knows almost the whole world. As a member of the British royal family, she can of course look forward to numerous privileges, but also has to get used to completely new rules of conduct for her. Meghan is also passionate about caring for charities and foundations.

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Katharine McPhee: Today she is an actress and singer. (Source: imago / Runway Manhattan)

The life of Katharine McPhee

In 2006 Katharine McPhee won second place in “American Idol”, the American version of DSDS. She then recorded several pop albums and also worked as an actress at the same time. Most recently she was seen in the movie “Bayou Caviar”. Katharine McPhee was married to actor Nick Cokas for eight years. She is now engaged to the songwriter David Foster. For him it is the fifth marriage. The 69-year-old also has five children. 

Sources used: Katharine McPhee’s Instagram profile, own research 

Duchess Meghan stopped acting for her love for Prince Harry. The series “Suits” once made her famous. But she also played in many films – one of which is causing a stir. 

For seven years, Duchess Meghan, who at that time still appeared as Meghan Markle in the opening credits, played the role of Rachel Zane in the US lawyer series “Suits”. Last year she ended her acting career. Her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018 began a new, royal life for her. The couple are expecting their first child shortly. Even so, Meghan keeps getting caught up with her time in the spotlight. Apparently so in the near future too.

Meghan plays party girl Dana

As the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” reports, the television film “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” should soon be broadcast again in the USA. The strip dates from 2011 and accompanies a group of singles on a party night through Los Angeles. According to “IMDb” it is about sex, drugs and partying. In the comedy film by Paul Sapiano, Meghan plays the lead role of Dana. When it first aired, the film, which was actually planned as a series, was a flop by the way. Therefore only one episode was shown.

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According to the report, Artist Rights Distribution has acquired exclusive rights to the film and plans to re-release it later this year. It could be a work the Royal Family does not enjoy very much. Because the now 37-year-old shows a lot of skin in “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” and escalates during the wild party night. But who could have known eight years ago that Meghan Markle would meet a real prince and become a duchess by marrying him.

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At the end of April / beginning of May, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry become parents for the first time. It was said that the baby should be born in Surrey, but now the 37-year-old could follow in Duchess Kate’s footsteps.

Duchess Meghan: The most beautiful pictures of her pregnancy

Photo series with 47 pictures

All three children of Duchess Kate and Prince William were born in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in the Paddington area of ​​London. However, Duchess Meghan was reportedly supposed to deliver her child at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. Perhaps she is leaning towards the London hospital after all.

Prince William and Duchess Kate: Here after the birth of Prince Louis in April 2018 in front of the Lindo Wing. (Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

“The employees in the Lindo Wing were asked not to take a vacation in April. Everyone now thinks that this has something to do with the royal baby, but nobody confirms anything,” said a hospital employee in an interview with the Telegraph “. This time period would fit the schedule. At an appearance in Birkenhead, the Duchess recently revealed to some fans that she and Harry will be parents in late April or early May. 

Luxurious maternity ward

In any case, the Lindo Wing should be a very pleasant place to give birth to your child. The expectant mothers have huge private rooms there and a terrific menu. Different packages can be selected. With the standard package, the first night costs the equivalent of a good 6,800 euros and each additional night around 1,300 euros. 

However, it was previously reported that Harry and Meghan chose Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey as it is closer to their new home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

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