Some teams like Madrid or Granada have been among those that have best adapted to madness

//Some teams like Madrid or Granada have been among those that have best adapted to madness

Some teams like Madrid or Granada have been among those that have best adapted to madness

Some teams like Madrid or Granada have been among those that have best adapted to madness

PSG sees "impossible" the signing of Messi

Bartomeu does not throw in the towel and will try to convince Messi

BOMB! The Manchester City has messo gives a fine part to € 200m per Messi, with an offer that will be composted by soldi + giocatori. The prossima settimana will go to Barcellona per aprire the trattativa, because Messi has decided to recarsi agli allenamenti lunedì per non irretire il club

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Marco Verratti is on vacation in Ibiza but together with his representative Donato Di Campli continues to work to solve his future. A future that the Italian midfielder wants to see through forcing his transfer to FC Barcelona. 


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FC Barcelona transfers

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Verratti seeks legal help as he looks to force Barcelona transfer

Hence, according to the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’, Verratti is consulting his lawyers to find out first-hand what options he has to force his exit from PSG. 

The Parisian club, led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, has for now rejected any attempt by Barça to attempt a negotiation and the player has been informed that he is entering into the plans to continue growing the project and that they will not let him leave the Parque de los Princes, covered by the contract that runs until June 30, 2021.

Verratti and Di Campli have already made several movements and are studying with their lawyers the following: what consequences would it have for the footballer not to appear on July 4 to the call of the PSG coach, Unai Emery, to start the preseason in Ooredoo. 

Verratti told those responsible for PSG his feeling: that his time at PSG came to an end, after five years (he arrived in 2012 from Pescara for 12 million euros), and even more so after the tough 6-1 at the Camp Nou he pointed out the apparent ceiling of the Parisian club to win the Champions League.

At 24, Marco wants to play alongside Leo Messi and the rest of the Blaugrana stars to continue growing as a footballer. The accolades of a symbol of the Barça style, such as Xavi Hernández, have only fueled that desire. 

The problem is that PSG is not a selling club and, on the contrary, it is going to put up the usual difficulties for Barça. Therefore, Verratti will have to establish a hard pulse to get his exit. A pulse that could even lead the Italian international to be declared in absentia if he does not join training and be financially sanctioned by his club.

Marco Verratti breaks with PSG: "I’m not going back to paris"

PSG, an insurmountable wall for Barça

Hence, he seeks maximum legal security at the same time that he hopes that Barça will also put all the meat on the grill and make an economic offer (the amount of 80 million euros was handled) that is attractive for PSG.

La Liga gives its last blows with everything in favor of Real Madrid, who is playing tonight in Granada to be virtual champion of the competition. The possibilities of Barcelona go through a stumbling block for the whites, which would leave the difference in one or two points for the two remaining days. Granada is Barça’s last hope and the first of Granada’s own to opt for a European position.

07/13/2020 at 10:05 CEST

Alejandro Alcazar @AlexanderAlcza2

It will be a final, another one of this tight and cruel format of a League without time to savor the good or purge the bad with days on horseback. A maddened calendar that leaves the footballers exhausted and the fan indifferent due to the indifference of matches. Some teams like Madrid or Granada have been among the best coupled to the madness. Today they have a face to face that will elucidate the fate of this express competition.

High morale

The mental value is balanced. The Grenadians are in glory equaling their best score in the history of the League (50 points). Overcoming it against Real Madrid, the leader, is a plus that is exciting with the added prize of putting his head in European competitions. A dream within reach that would stop the white momentum and that favorable dynamic in which it moves from “Vares”, penalties and collegiate.

The Madrid concentration is maximum. They do not want to lift their heads off the ground to find out what is happening and avoid the euphoric contagion of a Madridismo satisfied with their team. They do not stop looking askance at a desperate and desperate Barcelona capable of the best and the worst. They assume they have traded shiny football for cash, and they value how well they defend to minimize how badly they attack. They cling to that reason to avoid not abandoning the positive wheel in which they are not exempt from suffering badly accustoming their followers. They take the toll of a League as good although it unhooks many of the showy train of Madrid’s goalscorer in recent years. The one that made a difference to accumulate successes. A team that loses the devastating whiplash that broke wills and defenses.

Doubts in attack

Zidane again has problems to make the team. This time it is in attack. Without Jovic or Mariano, with Benzema as the only ‘9’ and Hazard among cottons, he has Vinicius, Rodrygo and Asensio, which is not bad. From behind he recovers his best defense with the return of Sergio Ramos and Carvajal after serving a penalty game. In the core, the most inspired Modric of the season would have to rest, with Casemiro, Kroos and Valverde ready.

Madrid will travel to Granada without James, who is still out of the team

Zidane’s answer when asked if Barça would be the right LaLiga champion

Nobody can with Courtois

Zidane has to prop up an eleven of guarantees without the ball, which has five consecutive games without conceding a goal and propose a strategy to stand up to a how to bet in 1xbet Granada with a defense of five, which hits the counter with surgical pressure as he made clear against Real Sociedad just two days ago. 

The reappearance of positive Covid-19 cases in Barcelona is not Gennaro Gattuso’s main concern at the moment. The Naples coach, after his team’s last victory over Udinense, acknowledged that this is a matter that is on the table of the president and his main advisers. Rino wants to focus all attention only on the sporting aspects of the next meeting at the Camp Nou, on August 8, in which Napoli will play their continuity in the Champions League against Barça.


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The Italian media have highlighted in recent hours the outbreaks of coronavirus that have been detected in Barcelona and in the surroundings of Barcelona. Napoli will visit Barcelona in August to play the Champions League. "I’m not caught up in that topic"said the technician. Gattuso made it clear, however, that this is an issue that works "the president and his men" and that he is only focused on the sporting aspects of the event.

"It is normal for there to be concern", He acknowledged. The coach, however, sent a message of hope. "It’s something to be resolved", he claimed.

Gattuso congratulates Politano after the victory against Udinense | EFE

Regarding the game against Setién’s team, Gattuso has no doubt that "we will arrive well. In the last two months we have done important things. We must be satisfied"he added.

Mertens will not miss the appointment against Barça

Leo Messi gets his seventh Pichichi

One of the aspects that have surprised him the most is the ability of his players to adapt to the new football, although he is concerned about the lack of offensive success that the team has shown.  "This is another sport, it is not football. At least it’s not the football we used to know. You play every three days, without fans in the stands … Footballers are people, not robots; therefore it is normal for new circumstances and strange results to occur. I understand perfectly, although it worries me, the low percentage of success that we have had in attack. But we have created many occasions, we have made many suits … I repeat, the players are people not robots", he concluded.

Neymar Júnior is, like his teammates at Barça, on vacation. While he rests and disconnects from football in his day to day life, he continues to show the same ambition that made him sign for Barça and show that his arrival was a success. 


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Neymar da Silva Jr.

From Sao Paulo, in statements to Época, the Blaugrana forward recalls that he is no longer a child, but that he maintains the same illusion: “I have changed a lot and I have been through many things. I think the most important thing is to have faith in God and to be close to the people you love, family and friends. It’s the best way to not let success get in the way of your desire to improve. ” In that sense, he prefers not to pay much attention to criticism, which he considers part of this world: “I always want to be the best and train every day to have the best performance on the field.” 

Neymar Junior, the Brazilian evolution

Neymar contributed his magic and generosity to make Barça champion

Both at Barça and in Brazil: “I want to bring the sixth World Cup home. Me and my colleagues are training hard and I am sure we can win. It will be a unique moment ”. Before Russia 2018 he will have to play his fifth season at the Camp Nou, where he feels more mature at all levels: “My son is one of the most important pieces of my life,” he is sincere.

The Jardim Gloria neighborhood is an area with a high rate of social vulnerability, punished by unemployment, violence, drug use and trafficking, and the lack of public services. Located on one of the margins of a fast track that crosses the town of Praia Grande, on the São Paulo coast, this was a forgotten and unhealthy strip of land, urbanized, next to a landfill, now deactivated. There, Neymar Jr.

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