Keep an eye out for news in 2020. Below you will find answers to various questions that regularly arise in connection with slatted frames. According to Stiftung Warentest, the service life with normal use without any special incidents is around 20 years.

//Keep an eye out for news in 2020. Below you will find answers to various questions that regularly arise in connection with slatted frames. According to Stiftung Warentest, the service life with normal use without any special incidents is around 20 years.

Keep an eye out for news in 2020. Below you will find answers to various questions that regularly arise in connection with slatted frames. According to Stiftung Warentest, the service life with normal use without any special incidents is around 20 years.

Keep an eye out for news in 2020. Below you will find answers to various questions that regularly arise in connection with slatted frames. According to Stiftung Warentest, the service life with normal use without any special incidents is around 20 years.

Flow limiters also regulate the water pressure in such a way that sufficient pressure is achieved, but not unnecessarily much water is used. A fundamental distinction is made between hand showers, i.e. shower heads that are fitted with a hose on the shower panel and can be guided by hand from there, and shower heads In the following we have briefly summarized the properties of both shower head types for you on so that you can decide on the model that is best for you. Often, however, both versions are offered on a common shower head holder, so that you can choose between rain and hand shower flexibly and at the push of a button. Hand shower shower heads are particularly flexible and therefore suitable for quick and targeted showering. To find the best shower head for yours To find your shower or bathtub, you should pay particular attention to the following purchase criteria: After you have decided whether it should be a rain or hand shower or a combination of both shower head types, you need to choose a suitable design However, the quality of the workmanship and the material used for production cannot be ignored. In particular, very low prices often indicate a lower quality and thus a shorter shelf life. Check whether there are irregular edges or problems during assembly.

You can also rely on corrosion-resistant materials and shower heads that are equipped with lime-repellent silicone or plastic nozzles. Shower heads are offered in many different sizes, shapes and designs. You can find classic, round, rectangular, oval and square shower head shapes. Bright or very dark colors instead of the usual chrome-plated look are just as easy to find. Those who like it particularly elegant and classic can opt for an antique shower head. These models are often dark, white-gold or bronze-colored shower heads in a very flat or bell shape. In addition, hand showers often have an elegantly curved handle. In the following overview, we reveal the advantages and disadvantages of antique shower heads: For the perfect shower experience, however, not only the design is decisive, but also the Spray types that can be set on the shower head.

One of the most popular types of jet on the shower head is the mono jet, the punctual and harder jet is ideal for massage purposes, for example on tense legs and arms or in its holder for shoulders and back. You can also use the mono jet on the shower head to clean your shower.Under a rain shower head, you can enjoy a long shower particularly relaxed.Most shower heads also have a finer raindrop-like jet, a somewhat harder but evenly distributed massage jet and a The same applies here: many inexpensive models have only a few or even only one jet setting. When buying, therefore, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s information. According to various tests, particularly high-quality shower heads have an even larger selection of jet types.

For example, hansgrohe offers a particularly quiet and even jet that mimics intense rain in addition to the conventional variants. Shower heads with foam jets are also popular and are sold by Grohe or Miomare. The different jet types can usually be selected using a button on the shower or turning the shower head or using a control unit on the mixer. In some cases, LED lighting can also be controlled, creating a very special atmosphere for your shower experience. You can buy shower heads from many different brands. Search for example in specialty shops or find offers for particularly cheap shower heads at discounters such as Aldi or Lidl. However, you can find the largest selection and a particularly good price-performance ratio online.

Use our product table to make a direct comparison of different shower heads. The following manufacturers of hand showers and rain showers, among others, are particularly in demand: Do you have further questions about the care and fixing of shower heads? At we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about shower heads. Thanks to small plastic or silicone attachments that protect the water nozzles from lime scale, shower heads are now mostly quick and easy to clean. Modern shower heads are with anti-limescale -Plastic nozzle attachments on which limescale settles much more slowly than on conventional and exclusively chrome-plated showers. With regular cleaning, it is often sufficient to rub the shower head with a bathroom cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. Self-decalcifying shower heads are also available.

These contain special filter materials, such as mineral stones and calcium sulphite, which minimize limescale and also filter pollutants from the water. Should limescale have formed on your shower head, anti-limescale cleaning agents and household remedies such as citric acid will help. Use only soft microfiber cloths or scratch-free sponges to apply the limescale fighters. Do not spray directly on the head of your shower to avoid penetration and, in the worst case, damage to the interior of the shower head.If you need more intensive descaling of your shower head, you can wrap the affected parts in paper towel soaked in descaling solution and take about half an hour let rest.

Alternatively, shower heads are often very easy to dismantle so that you can soak them in the anti-limescale solution for a few minutes. If necessary, use household rubbers to attach the cloths to heavily calcified parts of the shower head and to brackets and fittings. Then rinse the areas extensively with warm water and rub with a dry cloth. Attention: Do not use scratchy sponges and rough cloths, as well as steam cleaners and aggressive agents such as chlorine, acetic acid or hydrochloric acid concrete shower head test. Therefore, at this point on we cannot present an officially selected test winner among shower heads. The institute only noted that walk-in showers are becoming more and more popular and therefore more common.

Rain shower heads in particular prove to be the ideal complement. Different jet types of your shower head provide massage, misting or cleaning effects. First of all, the old shower head must be removed. To do this, loosen the nut below the shower head and at the upper end of the hose and unscrew it using pliers. Ideally, put a cloth around the nut to avoid damaging the surface, then screw the thread of the new shower head into the now free end of the shower hose. If your shower hose also needs to be replaced, you can loosen it from the mixer in a similar way using pliers and replace it with a new hose. Make sure that all the seals supplied are properly inserted into the connection points to prevent a drip from the hose and shower and thus also to avoid faster limescale formation. Photo credits:, Studio, Vesalainen,,, (chronologically or sorted according to the order of the pictures used in the buying guide) “The carefully selected slatted frame is an important part of your complete bed system.

Only the perfect interaction between this and your mattress results in excellent sleeping comfort, so that you can start the new day with fresh vigor in the morning. It is important to know that there are slatted frames in different designs, whereby models with several lying areas should be emphasized. Especially high-quality versions can be controlled electrically by remote control. Read on to find out everything you need to know about slatted frames and how they perform in tests. With a substructure tailored to your personal needs, you form the basis for a restful sleep. As has been shown in various wooden slatted frame tests, it does not always have to be the most expensive model. However, a slatted frame that can be electrically adjusted offers advantages that cannot be ignored. Another decisive criterion is the adjustability of the lying area on the slatted frame.

If this option is available, you can adjust the hardness level based on your own sleep experience. Read the following purchase advice on which other criteria are important before you decide on a slatted frame. If you are planning to buy a completely new bed, box spring beds are an interesting alternative. In this case, the mattress does not lie on a slatted frame, but on the existing substructure. It consists of a box in which a spring core is integrated (box spring). Whether the new slatted frame is extendable or has a fixed width: the issue of ergonomics is of great importance. In short, it must support your preferred lying position as best as possible.

Ideally, the spine retains its natural S-shape while you sleep. From slatted frames measuring 90 x 200 cm for singles to wider models such as a slatted frame measuring 180 x 200 cm, it can never do its job on its own. Therefore, pay attention to the complete sleep system, which includes the components listed below on As has been proven in various slatted frame tests in Germany, Austria and other countries, the interaction of the entire bed system makes the difference. It often makes sense and promises success if you replace the old slatted frame with a new slatted frame in order to improve sleeping comfort on this basis. Tip: Often the necessary storage space is missing in the bedroom, in the guest area or in the children’s room. Ideally, you should choose a fold-up slatted frame for the bed box, in which you can store spare bedding and other items. A good slatted frame is important for a healthy and restful sleep. Which type of slatted frame is the best for you depends on various factors.

This includes the acquisition costs as well as the flexibility in terms of use and how high the load capacity is in kg, as well as the question of the material and processing. If you know of an allergy to plastic or metal, the recommendation is to use a slatted frame for the bed made of FSC®-certified wood, which has also been tested for harmful substances. Basically, as shown in the table below on, A distinction is made between the following basic variants: Comparable to mattresses, numerous slatted frames are equipped with several lying areas, so that variable adjustment options are available to you. This results in the following criteria: Slatted frames are available in different designs and with several lying areas. The space requirements during bedtime vary from person to person. Perhaps you belong to the group of people who can cope with a narrow bed, or the exact opposite is the case. Often a frame is already available, so you have to select the slatted frame in the right width. Below are some sizes with their respective properties: The slatted frame with 120 x 200 cm is one of the typical intermediate sizes.

There are also special sizes available, with models with a length of 190 cm and an oversize of 210 cm being typical representatives of this category. With a slatted frame for the caravan or mobile home, the thing with the widths is different, as these are not conform to current standards. A slatted frame that can be pulled out comes into question here, so that you can easily adjust the width. Recommendation: If you have a slatted frame for the double bed, you should consider whether it is better to use two single frames. An important aspect when there are different sleeping habits. Specialists recommend this variant for a slatted frame from 160 x 200 cm in order to avoid disturbing each other’s sleep. From cheap slatted frames to luxurious top models with electric controls, the major manufacturers cover all of their customers’ needs.

The important brands include: In addition to the slatted frame with 100 x 200 cm, the assortments also contain some special sizes with a width of 70 cm, for example. On this basis, you have the option of equipping double beds with two single frames instead of a slatted frame measuring 140 x 200 cm. The consumer organization is somewhat critical of the issue on the basis of various mattress and slatted frame tests. The longevity of the models tested is positively highlighted. The durability of the slatted frame is estimated at around 20 years, which is twice the life of a mattress. In this context, it is unfortunately not possible to present you with a slatted frame with a test winner mentality.

Keep an eye out for news in 2020. Below you will find answers to various questions that regularly arise in connection with slatted frames. According to Stiftung Warentest, the service life with normal use without any particular incidents is around 20 years. Careful coordination with the mattress is recommended. This applies to the number of lying areas, which should be identical, as well as the distance between the individual slats of the slatted frame. These are criteria that can contribute to a longer lifespan. Some slatted frames can also be adjusted electrically – a question that comes up again and again and is important.

It affects the slatted frame with 100 x 120 cm as well as all other sizes, provided that the existing lying areas are adjustable in hardness. A distinction is made between the following two systems: Whether a slatted frame measuring 180 x 200 cm or a different size: If this contains several lying areas, set them individually to achieve optimum sleeping comfort. Of course, in addition to the right mattress, you also need pillows, bed linen and other utensils to complete the sleeping system.

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