HomeworkMarket.Me – They do not like when they have different views or conflict of interest.

//HomeworkMarket.Me – They do not like when they have different views or conflict of interest.

HomeworkMarket.Me – They do not like when they have different views or conflict of interest.

The least votes “for” the PiS candidate received Sabina Lucyna Zalewska, most Ewa Jarosz. See also: Belarus Orthodox Church of Constantinople against the decision ws. Ukraine »Zalewska: I am not an advocate of spanking. They are a sign of helplessness parents »for recommending Zalewska two members voted, 31 were against, abstained 27. On the other hand a positive opinion for the candidate PO and PSL Modern Ewa Jarosz, 26 MPs voted, 32 were against, two abstained. The recommendation for Kukiz-Szczucińskiego was 7 Members 51 were against one abstained. The vote in the Parliament on the appointment of the RPD is scheduled for Thursday. No positive opinion of the committee is not binding for the Sejm. Earlier, MPs and guests participating in the committee listened opinion among the candidates for RPD on abortion, or so-called. slap, as well as methods wychowawczej.zobacz Krakow: the Old Town and Kazimierz shortly restrictions on the sale of alcohol »Italy: The first sentence on. sale of fake reviews restaurateurs» As the first deputies responded to questions Ewa Jarosz. She pointed out that violence against children is still a problem, however, observed a “very clear downward trend”, both in terms of the so-called approval. “Smack” and “in the case of a more intense action of a beating, which are colloquially called spanking.” The candidate stressed that as a “religious person involved” is an opponent of abortion. “The exceptions that occur in this regard, have been developed on the basis of a difficult compromise, and I respect the compromise, taking into account human dramas and tragedies of parents in all sorts of specific situations” – she noted. She said there is also a “good and real” sex education. On the other hand, Paul-Kukiz Szczuciński as the main challenges mentioned cyberbullying and a growing threat due to the activities of epidemiological antyszczepionkowych movements. He added that the problem “with the movement antyszczepionkowym applied to the phenomenon of migration.” “Not from the Middle East, only the part of Ukraine, where szczepialność + + has fallen below 50 percent.” – He said. He added that the consequence is a “dramatic increase in the number of cases of tuberculosis.” Kukiz-Szczuciński also spoke about the use of so-called. spanking as a method of education. “The issue is very simple slap. I am a psychiatrist who has worked for three years on a closed psychiatric wards. As psychiatrists we have a catalog of coercive measures (…). In any case, hitting the patient in any way, of course, is a slap hit, is not the list of these measures, “- he said. Kukiz-Szczuciński, moving on abortion, and called the law on Ombudsman for Children, which speaks of “the protection of the child from conception”. He admitted that abortion is a “big drama”, however – as noted – “it’s not like that criminalizing certain things, we will achieve the effect.” As the last speaker candidate Justice Sabina Lucyna Zalewska. Among its priorities mentioned, among others, the case of children with disabilities and the chronically ill, the protection of children from pornography, protection of life and health of children from conception and support family ties. Zalewska declared that he is an opponent of abortion and contraception prescribing minors. As she said, there is also “advocate spanking.” “I believe that spanking is an expression of parents’ helplessness” – she said. Zalewska also referred to media reports that might have committed plagiarism in their academic work. She explained that the press articles were based on sketches. “Between one sketch and the original, printed version, the 180 differences. I think that this is not enough. In addition, all of my articles that I have published 20 years were reviewed, sometimes it was two reviewers” – she said. She stressed that the disciplinary UKSW September 10 issued a decision to initiate the investigation, and no disciplinary action in connection with the allegations against her. She also informed that she has to verify the rector of the entire scientific achievements. She added that she is employed at the university until the end of September and she decided to terminate the contract. “I got a much better job, I decided that I move to another university,” – she said. The term of office of the current RPD Marek Michalak expired on 27 August, 2018. According to the Law on Ombudsman for Children will, however, served as the oath by the new RPD. When asked in the “Salon political” Three of summary, in the context of the “occupation of the Sejm by part of the opposition” and a scenario out of the situation, Glinski estimated that “on the one hand, this is an absurd situation, because the behavior of the opposition is completely disproportionate to any of its causes.” “The opposition is not interested in any debate, is not interested in parliamentary work, but virtually all the time, most opposition deputies and at least two opposition parties, engaged in various types of happenings and provocations” – said wicepremier.zobacz also Witek: I hope 11 January the Parliament will carry out planned order »He referred also to the words of the President of the Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who in the weekly” station in the network “called these events” coup attempt “. According to Glinski “such matters must be called directly.” “I think that is the role of the leader of the ruling party, the responsible leader – to indicate such things directly,” – he added. The opposition’s actions Glinski rated as “obstructive”. “I’m talking about foreign intervention, but intervention through the media, through the pressure of the European institutions – we have this year, so this is obviously a scenario – whether in quotes or literal – a kind of coup or coup” – stressed wicepremier.zobacz also Terlecki: No no reason to solve the parliament »” as you know the proof attempt to seize power by force, and it was such an attempt to provoke unrest, anarchy, to prevent conducting the meetings, to prevent the adoption of the budget – this is already a creeping coup – the opposition right is formulated, signed leaders opposition the letter, which was a reference to, among others, representatives of the ministries of power, declared allegiance to power “- he said. As noted, the evacuation of nearby buildings and set safety cordon is a “precaution”, which is to facilitate the work of the officers present on the London metropolitan police. Over the area established a no-fly zone, including, among others, small planes and drones. For now, the police did not provide any details about the search in Surrey; issued a statement provided only that it has a connection with the earlier arrest in Dover 18-year-old suspected of ties to zamachem.Młodemu man has not presented objections, they also revealed his identity. Police said that it will be taken to a police station in south London for further questioning. Not disclosed, is suspected of planting a bomb or eg. To play an auxiliary role in the preparations for Friday night zamachu.W associated with the Islamic State (IS) Amak agency reported that the attack made “branch” associated with the British Home Office jihadi organizacją.Szefowa Amber Rudd said on Saturday that the arrest of 18-year-old was “very important” for the investigation into the attack, and the police made rapid progress in it. She added that the Joint Analysis Center terrorist threat (JTAC) assess whether, in the coming days will be maintained the highest level of terrorist threats, raised on Friday evening due to the attack in metrze.Służby are currently analyzing recordings of the subway car, where on Friday there was a partial detonation homemade explosive device, and examine the remains of the device. From these recordings it shows that the load was placed in a bucket, from which protrude cables, and the whole was hidden in a plastic bag. According to experts, there would be more victims, if there was a full detonation ładunku.Przedstawiciele authorities have suggested that the attack may be more people involved, but so far no official information on this temat.Stacja metro Parsons Green in West London, where the explosion occurred, was Saturday reopened. Associated Press writes, among Londoners no signs of panic and all indications are that the weekend goes life in the city without much zmian.Również on Saturday afternoon in response to the “notification about the threat of” evacuated Fulham Broadway Underground station, distant one stop from Parsons Green, and located right next to the shopping center. Department of public transport in London (TfL) announced on Twitter that the trains pass through the Fulham Broadway, but do not stop there; Police said in turn that the center will most likely “will soon be open” indicates .As the Associated Press, he was fifth in this year’s terrorist attack in the UK, in the preceding four – the parliament building, the London Bridge and the front of the mosque in London, and also during the concert in Manchester – a total of 36 people were killed. Belarusian peacekeepers are ready to stand between the parties to the conflict in Ukraine provided an agreement between (President of Ukraine Petr) Poroszenką and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin – Lukashenka said on Sunday, quoted by the state agency BiełTA. He also added that if Belarus would be commissioned a role in resolving the conflict, that Belarus would be doing everything necessary, “without siding with either party.” “I’ve said it both presidents, Poroszence and Putin. Do not expect that I will be the one’s side. I will precisely fulfill what you two ustalicie. (If you decide that I have) come between – so do; make 10 thousand. Belarusian soldiers – we put them at the border, where the district “- said the Belarusian President. “But I can not do this, as to what to not knowing” – he added. Earlier, the readiness of Belarus to integrate their troops to the peacekeeping contingent in Donbas – if they accept that all stakeholders – said Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei and Defense Minister Andrej Raukou. December 14 last year Putin said that Moscow is not opposed to putting the Donbass under international control, but that Kiev should agree with the (self-proclaimed – PAP), the so-called authorities. People’s Republics in the Donetsk and Lugansk. He added that Russia earlier filed a UN Security Council draft resolution to deploy UN forces in Donbas, which would deal with ensuring the security of the OSCE special mission. UN forces were to be deployed along the demarcation line in Donbas. However, Ukraine has a different position on the peacekeeping forces in homeworkmarket me the conflict zone. Kiev would like to introduce the Donbass forces under the aegis of the UN and without the Russian soldiers. It is also opposed to the scheme proposed by Moscow dislocation of peacekeeping forces. The Ukrainian side insists that the blue helmets deployed throughout the conflict zone, including the Ukrainian-Russian border, which is currently in Kiev does not control. According to the report by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former head of NATO, and currently advisor of President Poroshenko to help end the crisis in Ukraine, the United Nations should consider sending 20 thousand there. troops from non-NATO and 4 thousand. police officers. Current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a Saturday meeting in Munich with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the chances for the establishment of the UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine rated pessimistic. From Minsk Justin Prussia (PAP) We recognize that the presence of workers from the eastern border is beneficial to our economy and would rather not have the feeling that they take up employment Poles. More than 65 per cent. of respondents do not like the hostile attitude of some of our compatriots working here for Ukrainians – according to a study by Havas Media Group. The vast majority of us would not mind working together with them. And more than 57 percent. agrees with the opinion that the citizens of Ukraine should earn in Poland as much as the Poles doing the same job. Our attitude to the Ukrainians working in Poland Source: DGP Sympathy dims when the worker from the West would be our superiors – it agrees to a little more than half of the respondents. The Ukrainian in the role of the head in the workplace met only 1 percent. of us. Ukrainian workers primarily because we see in stores and on most aspects budowach.W women are more tolerant and show less social distance towards visitors from the East than men. Only in relation to married couples or partnerships is the opposite: the partner of Ukraine would agree 67.4 percent. Poles, and her husband Ukrainian Polish women less than half (49 percent.). They turn out to be the least tolerant people aged 18-24 years. According to analysts, this result Havas’ can be derived from social and political views of young Poles who are now a little more often declare right-wing and conservative views. ” How to reduce Taxation of from 19 to 5 percent. VERSION OR POLAND / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d) ) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)}; (document, “script”, “VT-SDK”)); / ** / ROZMOWASą different fields Polish-Ukrainian dispute Are Poles like the Ukrainians? Every generalization is a deceptive oversimplification. Like how to know when Ukrainian is not an abstract concept, but a friend from work or settlement. They do not like when they have different views or conflict of interest. And above all, it depends on the people. Some are open-minded, willing to know people of other nationalities, and others are sick with hatred. In Poland there are both people who have suffered at the hands of Ukrainian and therefore have prejudices, and those who resonate views propagated by certain political circles. There are various fields of the dispute. The taxi driver will tell you that Uber is bad – and for him Uber Ukrainians. The biggest concern conflicts of history. And this is not the story presented in a fair way, but crafted for the purpose of mobilizing the electorate or confirming it in some views. March 10 is the anniversary of the pacification of the countryside Sahryń in the Lublin region. Home Army and Peasant Battalions there made one of the biggest war crimes on the Ukrainian civilian population (citizens of the Republic of Poland), which are charged to the Polish underground. The subject was swept under the carpet for years by the Institute of National Remembrance, some historians and government officials. When last year President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko unveiled on sahryńskim cemetery monument to victims, Lublin province governor Przemyslaw Czarnek stated that it was a “nationalist chutzpah,” and the entire assembly is “Ukrainian nationalists”. He spoke as President of a neighboring state, the Ukrainian government ministers, Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland, but also the descendants of the victims.

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