God forbid, be late or stare, From that ballerina only the fluff would remain.

//God forbid, be late or stare, From that ballerina only the fluff would remain.

God forbid, be late or stare, From that ballerina only the fluff would remain.

God forbid, be late or stare, From that ballerina only the fluff would remain.

After all, someone may have a headache or someone is tired. In the end, you just spoil someone’s mood.

When a student shouts during a break in school, it is very harmful to their own and other people’s ears, because for them excessive noise is very harmful, you can even become deaf.

The song “Grandma is sleeping” sounds.

It is necessary to come to school in the student’s form, washed, ironed. Dirty, crumpled clothes, unwashed faces emphasize disrespect for everyone with whom you communicate at school.

And I would like to add that each garment has its own purpose, only the school uniform is appropriate at school: in winter – made of woolen fabric, and in spring, when it is very warm, or in autumn – cotton. To the theater it is necessary to dress elegantly, festively, and on a beach – in a beach suit. Unfortunately, some students confuse where they came from. They don’t think about taste and the notion: “it suits me, but it doesn’t.” And then they have a funny look, like the heroine of Pavel Glazov’s humorous “Latest Fashion”.

A fashionista-girl walks the streets of the city. She has a short haircut, like a football player. Men’s trousers and a boy’s shirt. In his hands – a bag painted, round as a barrel. She compared herself to me, looked me in the eye, and I thought:

– Our men’s bad deeds, as women and girls dress like that, there will be no difference between them and between us. How will it not be? I will not allow you to destroy the difference. I’ll take it tomorrow and put on a woman’s skirt. I wear thin shoes with stilettos. And I will travel around the city with the deviations of Force. People will be surprised: Ah, what a picture – To the waist like a lady, and a man on top … And if someone says: – He’s crazy, for God’s sake, then I’ll step on his leg with a pin and tell him: – You’re rude unhappy, oak log, what do you know about culture? This is the latest fashion!

Some of the girls sometimes do such hairstyles in the hope that it is fashionable and beautiful, that frightened dogs bark, nervous crows croak, cautious cats hide … Listen to the poem by Hrytska Boyka, which is called “Fashionable Hairstyle”.

Our Nata is unrecognizable, – Nata’s fashionable hairstyle, Strange new hairstyle: Loose hair rose in all directions, – Like a mound’s head! Nata goes to the desk in class, And around a laugh-joke: – Where are the new hairstyles? Borya smiled slyly. “It’s probably from the wind in her head.”

You wanted to treat your friend Petryk with candy during the break, and Ivasyk is standing next to you. This is absolutely useless if you gave Petryk a candy and didn’t even look at Ivasyk. And even worse, when you are not given candy, and you beg for it …

So be delicate, tactful in any case, so that it is not like in the humor of Pavel Glazov “Iron Character”.

We, men, are reproached: Riding by tram, We, they say, never give way to women, Because, they say, all men are uncultured and rude, This must be understood, Dear citizens. Once I was riding a tram, And along the aisle The souls of 15 Female people were squeezing. It is necessary to get up and give a place, And to whom hunting? You will stand, and Tatya will sit yellow. I got up and asked: – Women and ladies! Who is the fattest and the oldest Will be here between you? Everyone is silent, as if tongueless, Mov closed his ears. I said to one person: – Go sit down, old woman! And she just got out of the vicious things. “Sit there,” he says. “Me too, granddaughter.” I turn to the other Nobly and politely: – You, in my opinion, the fattest, Go sit down, aunt. And she stands like a rock, As if not to her, Does not appreciate my culture and courtesy. I go to the third From another edge. – To you, mum, how many years Stuknulo, – I ask. And she grimaced bitterly and said sternly: – Then you were hit on the wall with your forehead baby. When I heard this phrase, I went down immediately. I never gave more places to women. And now I will not be pulled by the strongest tractor. We men also know how to show character.

The song “The sun warms …”

Who would have thought, sitting at a festive table, throwing candy papers at their feet or spitting cherry stones on the floor? You won’t find such a schoolboy with us …

But on the street, on the bus or in the alley of the park, he without hesitation throws a crumpled wrapper of ice cream, spits on the go sunflower husks. Garbage cans are placed at every step along the street, but he is too lazy to approach them. And Hrytsko Boyko in the poem “Uncultured Masters” shows the “courtesy” of boys:

The boys were returning from the living room in the snow, And the friend asked: – How were you? – Yes, nothing, everything is as it should be … Just see, friend, In that house the owners are just not good – In the hallway they did not remove our galoshes! Even from our fur coats the Snow was not shaken … So we entered as we entered, and sat down at the table.

A cultured person receives guests in such a way that they are very comfortable. And sometimes there is such a feast that you want to go away. Listen to how the heroes of Anatoliy Kostetsky’s poem went to his birthday. The poem is called “Visiting”.

Vita’s birthday. We were all invited there and at six o’clock in the evening we came to visit him. Viti’s little sister opened the door for us and immediately asked: “Who hasn’t wiped your feet? We have a carpet – not to get it dirty! Anu, take off your shoes near the threshold! Yes, give gifts at once, I’ll hide, But don’t throw away the crystal vase! I know you! Do you think: just like this to visit? And this is a real, responsible business! And touch the furniture in the living room with your hands, And do not smear your fingers on the walls –

there will be spots … ”Sister Viti also began to say something. But we didn’t listen to her – is it worth listening to?! We rushed away from her “hospitality” with all our might, because really: oh, it’s not easy to visit like this.

Listen to another humorous story about courtesy during the reception, written by Pavel Glazov, and it is called “Treats”.

The little girl – the daughter Is instructed by mother. – Learn, daughter, to treat guests politely. As the guest sits down at the table, Drinks everything and eats everything, You do not hurry to take a plate from under your nose, And kindly ask: – Maybe give you more? The guest came. He sat down at the table. Reinforced a little. He drank a glass, ate a salad and duck legs. He wiped his lips with a towel and sucked his tongue. Suddenly the daughter ran up: – Give more snacks? “Give me more,” says the guest. – No more, dzuski!

A polite son or daughter will always help parents with the household. They are always responsible for their homework. Listen to how, unfortunately, some children help at home. Anatoliy Kostetsky’s poem “Homework”.

Vitko – the poor man suffers so much that he shakes his legs! He is at the table, he writes a work: “I help my mother.” Diligently the pencil gnaws and frowns menacingly, but nothing – at least die! – I can’t get to my head … But my mother quietly entered his room. – Vityun, please, go to the store for matches. “An idea,” cried the son, and to his mother, “Well, it’s dark! Go yourself! I write a work – I do hard lessons.” And narrative story topics my mother came out … And Vitko quickly wrote in his notebook: “I always go to the store when I’m asked …” In 10 minutes my mother reappears at the door: – Vityun, peel the potatoes, and I’ll cook dinner. “Clean it yourself,” shouts Vitko, so that it almost bursts. – I write a work, I’m busy! Boil the potatoes yourself! The mother comes out, and the son sits down to write again: “I cook lunch, dinner and breakfast for my mother.” My son is happy – not a work, but a luxury! The grade will be good! .. And he doesn’t think at all that he rejoices in vain …

An intelligent girl or an intelligent boy will not be mean to others, will not whisper in someone’s ear, but will tell a friend in the eye about his shortcomings in the unit. And only when he does not want to recover – will say in the presence of the whole class. Nobody likes Yabed. Listen to Inna Kulska’s poem “Why does Kuzma have no friends?”

We are not friends with Kuzma guys, Why – think, reader. Kuzma shouts at every step, That he loves the truth as if. And you can believe me – Kuzma does not lie at all, Only the teacher enters, already Kuzma raises his hand Up: – And Lubomyr beat Panko, Panka is already walking like this! We write in writing, Kuzma raises his hand again: – Levko does not understand the exercises, And I did not let him write! The lesson is not over yet, Kuzma takes a step from the table: – Gonta Neil deliberately poured ink on Hrytsia’s notebook. He is not a liar at all, Kuzma, And Kuzma has no friends.

A cultured person always remembers those around him; does not push in the crowd, helping himself with his elbows, covers his mouth with his hand when yawning, coughing or sneezing.

Don’t forget to say “please” when you ask for something, and then thank you for any insignificant service.

A cultured person will help an elderly woman to deliver a heavy package, take a blind or old man across the road, and free up space for grandparents on a tram or trolleybus. Here is how Hrytsko Boyko writes about it in the poem “Sasha”:

Sasha is sitting in a crowded tram with a ball, and a hunchbacked Old Grandfather is standing next to him. Someone addresses Sasha: – Are you taught at school, How to give a place to the elder, How to respect the elders? – Yes, they teach, – Sasha answers, – But this is just the beginning of the holidays – Nobody teaches us.

But in Pavel Glazov’s humor “The Real Man” the problem of not only culture, but also culture of speech is raised:

There is a stooped grandmother in the trolleybus – Oh, I’m afraid I’ll fall as soon as I pull – I’ll kill myself … And the men are sitting. How can they not be ashamed? There are no real men among them. And some patlaty type answers to her: “There are no men, grandmother, but there are no cities.”

A cultured person likes to visit theaters, museums, movies. Visiting the theater, listening to opera singing, watching ballet or enjoying good pop singing is a real holiday for her. She will not sip candy during the performance and make all sorts of remarks or inappropriate remarks, preventing the audience and artists from making these remarks sound like in Pavel Glazov’s comedy “About hackneyed and culture.”

I was at a concert yesterday. I do not squeeze, not the skin And I do not regret the money. But this is nonsense. The guy in a tailcoat came out first. His eyes were fixed on the ceiling, He took his trombone or cello in his hands, Or as they call it, they saw with a bow, And so that it doesn’t stick, they substitute a spike? Yes, I would still play something good – a waltz or a mazurka, And then he snorts and squeaks, like cutting a chicken. After him came the lady. Solid figure. And the voice is thin, calavura. As she began to bring out some ariasis, Yes, for God’s sake, as if a splinter had been driven into her leg. Then came the ballerina. He waves his hands, as if she were a white swan and as if sighing. But I have no confidence in those things, For what is she a swan, as she is without feathers? Then the partner of that person jumped out, Dressed in a jacket and white pants, And she will disperse, as she will jump on him, And he will not fall, as he grabs a leg! God forbid, be late or stare, From that ballerina only the fluff would remain.

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